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Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, M-DAWG was so amazed by the sounds of Public Enemy, Run Dmc and NWA in the late 80´s, that he started to play the drums. The beats in their tracks were definitely the most influential part of the music that grabbed M-DAWG´s attention to the point of many sleepless nights because he wanted to recreate those beats on his drumset. In the beginning of the 90´s, Jungle and Drum and Bass infected his brain additionally. After a couple of years and lots of drum practicing later, he got into programming beats on different drum machines, while playing in several bands. In terms of genre, M-DAWG always paid homage and put foremost upfront his first influence in the input melting pot to all projects he was and is involved in. Hip Hop was, is and always will be a big part in M-DAWG´s life.